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We are preparing for the future by powering the imagination (arts, literacy, film) and by powering agriculture and entrepreneurships.

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What we are Doing

Building the Cinema Industry
Establishing power sources

Supporting Entrepreneurships

There were cinemas in the Congo in the 1980s, but all have failed. We are building affordable cinemas, open air and enclosed, so that the Congolese can share their own stories

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We work with pioneering filmmakers in the DR-Congo to restore cinema to the country. (It was lost thirty years ago.)

We  use film and the arts to catalyze educational outreach.


There are no rich countries which are poor in energy. We facilitate building solar power grids.

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report of summer 2018 hospital birthing

Power for a whole city

Solar generators with panels make sustainable, renewable energy.

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Farms, bakeries, herbs

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We support projects, not individuals.
We insist on integrity and team cooperation.

All projects must be sustainable. All must have one-year and five-year plans.

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Having successfully released our first two feature films in coordination with Bimpa Productions, we are ready to move up to greater goals.

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The film "Patrice Lumumba" will reintroduce Lumumba to the world and will reveal the beauty and strength of the Congo.

Lumumba was called "the greatest black man ever to walk the African continent" by Malcolm X.

This film will be shot in Lumumba's home village and in the cities where he affected history--from Kinshasa to New York. Indigenous languages will be honored.

Personal Histories and Documentaries

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Our mission is hope and healing.

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