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We are preparing for the future by powering the imagination, especially film.

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What we are Doing

Building the Cinema Industry
Establishing power sources to facilitate internet access and file exportation

Supporting Entrepreneurships so that filmmakers can support their families

There were cinemas in the Congo in the 1980s, but all have failed. We are building affordable cinemas, open air and enclosed, so that the Congolese can share their own stories. Our goal is to catalyze the industry with training and up-to-date equipment, and ultimately  with a film studio and a university. In this way, we will support the Congolese as they rehabilitate the reputation of the Congo. In a few years, we want the DR-Congo to be regarded as a center of excellent film rather than a center of violence.

Tshoper with his parents at the premiere
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We work with pioneering filmmakers in the DR-Congo to restore cinema to the country. (It was lost thirty years ago.)

We have partnered with Bimpa Production in Kinshasa. With them, we have released two successful feature films. 


The Journey

Bimpa Production started with four people in Kinshasa. They began making short films and producing each other's work. Soon, they established a film festival. (In 2020, it had its 7th edition.)

For years, they met weekly according to the schedule of when electricity would be available to power their laptops and phones. Things have improved greatly, but we aim to make power accessible, reliable and expandable.

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Meetings were once scheduled according to the availability of electricity.

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Today, Bimpa is ready.


Film Festival 2020

For the visibility and emergence of cinema in the Congo

Attended by the minister of tourism, the 7th edition of the Festival International de Cinema de Kinshasa showed how film can set an ambitious trajectory for the future.

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Let us introduce you to our country.

fickin 2020 tshoper with minister of tou

7th Edition: Film Festival

TABU INANGOY, Minster of Culture


How Film Can Prepare the Future

"Le peuple Congolais a montré à travers vos œuvres sa maturité et sa capacité de création, de mobilisation et d’organisation. Vous êtes indéniablement et définitivement les artisans de la réussite exceptionnelle de cette manifestation unique dans les annales du cinéma congolais et dans le développement économique de la ville province de Kinshasa….

C’est avec honneur que je participe à cette cérémonie de clôture de la 7ème édition du Festival International de Cinéma de Kinshasa qui a contribué sans aucun doute à rendre notre culture encore plus connue, tonifié, robuste et compétitive dans ce monde qui se globalise à pas des géants ; et je souhaite vous retrouver très prochainement à la 8ème édition."

Que vive la République Démocratique du Congo

Que vive la ville de Kinshasa

Que vive la culture congolaise

Que vive le Festival International de Cinéma de Kinshasa

Extrait du discours de Mme Yvette TABU INANGOY, Commissaire Générale de la Culture, Arts, Médias, Communication et NTIC. Ville Province de Kinshasa.

′′ Through your works, the Congolese people have shown their maturity and their ability to create, mobilize and organize. You are undeniably and definitely the craftsmen of the exceptional success of this unique event in the annals of Congolese cinema and in the economic development of the city of Kinshasa....It is with honor that I participate in this closing ceremony of the 7th edition of the Kinshasa International Cinema Festival which has undoubtedly contributed to making our culture even more known, toned, robust and competitive in this world which It's globalized by the giants; and I wish to see you soon at the 8th edition."May the Democratic Republic of Congo live!


Heart of Africa

Called a "cultural revolution" in Kinshasa, this film signaled the return of cinema to the DR-Congo with its 2020 premiere. Though slowed by COVID19, it was the #1 foreign film in the USA when theaters closed.

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International screenings and awards

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That's for Rich People! You're Poor! (Part 3)

October 25, 2018

That's for Rich People! You're Poor (Part 2)

October 25, 2018

That's for Rich People. You're Poor!

October 25, 2018

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Having successfully released our first two feature films in coordination with Bimpa Productions, we are ready to move up to greater goals.

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The film "Patrice Lumumba" will reintroduce Lumumba to the world and will reveal the beauty and strength of the Congo.

Lumumba was called "the greatest black man ever to walk the African continent" by Malcolm X.

This film will be shot in Lumumba's home village and in the cities where he affected history--from Kinshasa to New York. Indigenous languages will be honored.



Lumumba, born in Onalua

Lumumba signs Independence documents

Lumumba with Dag Hammarskjold


Filming Where He Lived and Worked

These are images of Lumumba's home province, where we will film. We have filmed there previously and know how to meet the challenges which come with filming in remote areas.

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Tshoper Kabambi

President, Producer, Director


Deborah Basa

Producer and Filmmaker


Ephraim Buyikana

Producer, Head of FICKIN Film Festival

kadhaffi 2.jpg

Kadhaffi Mbuyamba


paradis mananga.jpg

Paradis Mananga

Consultant, producer for Lumumba project

alphonse tolengo.png

Alphonse Tolenga

Native of Onalua and a cousin of Lumumba's. Consultant

Veron Blaise On'Okundji

Priest, poet, playwright, and professor, Abbe Veron is an expert in Tetela.


Bruce and Margaret Young


bruce and margaret at premiere of hoa 2.

Personal Histories and Documentaries

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Our mission is hope and healing.


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