Congo Rising Welcomes You

Preparing for the future by powering the imagination through accessible education and film,
Congo Rising is a 501c3 corporation.
We are ready to combine filmmaking with online education to restore the medical program in Lodja, DR-Congo.

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What we are Doing

Building the Cinema Industry
Establishing power sources to facilitate internet access and file exportation

Employing the RACHEL (Remote Area Community Hotspot for Education and Learning) and Raspberry Pi to extend educational opportunities to the most vulnerable

In a few years, we want the DR-Congo to be regarded as a center of excellent film rather than a center of violence.

Tshoper with his parents at the premiere
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We work with pioneering filmmakers in the DR-Congo to restore cinema to the country. (It was lost thirty years ago.)

Beyond that, we film lectures and demonstrations which can be shown throughout the country (via RACHEL) to introduce educational programs even in the most rural areas.


The Journey

Bimpa Production started with four people in Kinshasa. They began making short films and producing each other's work. Soon, they established a film festival. (In 2020, it had its 7th edition.)

For years, they met weekly according to the schedule of when electricity would be available to power their laptops and phones. Things have improved greatly, but we aim to make power accessible, reliable and expandable.

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Meetings were once scheduled according to the availability of electricity.

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Today, Bimpa is ready.



(Remote Area Community Hotspot for Education and Learning)


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Showing the RACHEL in Lodja

Powered by batteries, the RACHEL is a self-contained library accessible to computers and mobile devices within fifty feet. No electricity is required to power it once it's charged

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Accessing African Storybooks on the RACHEL

The students read a story in their own language, Otetela, uploaded from the African Storybooks collection.


The Big Project: Medical School in Lodja

In this project, we film lectures and laboratory demonstrations to enable USTL to retore its pre-med program and  ultimately to build a medical school.

The medical track of USTL was cut in 2021. We aim to restore it in a way which can be dulicated anywhere.

lodja ravine 1.jfif

The symbol of the current state of the university

With the medical program cancelled, students have had to leave their families in Lodja to continue studies elsewhere or simply lose their years of study and choose a different career.

report of summer 2018 hospital birthing bed.jpg


The government requires a laboratory/clinic for all pre-med programs at universities. Conditions at the general hospital (which serves the poor) are terrible.


Quality, Award-winning films and expert filmmaking

Heart of Africa won several significant awards, including three grand prizes in film festivals.

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Heart of Africa

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Heart of Africa 2: Companions


Heart of Africa

Called a "cultural revolution" in Kinshasa, this film signaled the return of cinema to the DR-Congo with its 2020 premiere. Though slowed by COVID19, it was the #1 foreign film in the USA when theaters closed.

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International screenings and awards

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Heart of Africa 2:


Having successfully released our first two feature films in coordination with Bimpa Productions, we are ready to move up to greater goals.
As we combine education with film in the USTL initiative, we will also make a film about Patrice Lumumba.


The film "Patrice Lumumba" will reintroduce Lumumba to the world and will reveal the beauty and strength of the Congo.

Lumumba was called "the greatest black man ever to walk the African continent" by Malcolm X.

casting call in Kinshasa for Lumumba.jpg

This film will be shot in Lumumba's home village and in the cities where he affected history--from Kinshasa to New York. Indigenous languages will be honored.


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Lumumba, born in Onalua

Lumumba and Premiere Eyskens sign indepe

Lumumba signs Independence documents

Lumumba with Hammarskjold.jpg

Lumumba with Dag Hammarskjold

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What Variety Magazine says about our project: 

Congo Rising Sets Assassinated Leader Patrice Lumumba Film, Aims to Rebuild Congo Film Industry (EXCLUSIVE)

By Naman Ramachandran

Lumumba, the leader of the Congolese National Movement party, was instrumental in securing Congo’s independence from Belgium and became the new republic’s first Prime Minister in 1960. However, after a a political struggle that involved the Belgian government, the U.N., Soviet Union and the U.S., Lumumba was deposed within a few months of his assuming power and was subsequently executed in 1961.

Lumumba was held in great esteem by top U.S. civil rights leaders as Dr. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, who called him “the greatest Back man to ever walk on the African continent.”

The film will be directed, co-written and co-produced by Tshoper Kabambi Kashala (“Heart of Africa”), co-written by Veron Okavu On’Okundji and co-written and produced by Congo Rising’s Margaret Blair Young.

Production will begin in September in the Congo. With a predominantly African cast, the film will be in the Tetela, Lingala and French languages. Discussions are ongoing with A-list Hollywood talent to portray the key roles of Dag Hammarskjold (pictured, right), Secretary General of the United Nations, and Kwame Nkrumah, President of Ghana.

Congo Rising and its Congo partner, Bimpa Production, will be casting “Patrice Lumumba” later this month. The film will be lensed entirely on location in the areas in and around where Lumumba lived, where the true-life events took place, including the villages and cities of Onalua, Kisangani and Kinshasa.

“The film ‘Patrice Lumumba’ offers a vision into the life and courage of one of the great human rights leaders, one who was a foundational builder of the Pan African movement. In a real way, we are bringing Lumumba back to life at the exact moment when the world needs him and when his native land, the Democratic Republic of the Congo — on the threshold of great things after a disastrous decline initiated by Lumumba’s murder — must be inspired by his courage,” said Young.

“As the Black Lives Matter movement has grown, Lumumba’s legacy, and what he confronted as he sought independence for his nation, has become newly relevant. Statues of King Leopold II, whose cruel enterprises in the Congo resulted in the deaths of 10 million Congolese people, were toppled in Belgium in June 2020,” added Young.

“Africa today faces several problems including wars, looting, poverty, lack of health and education structures, corruption and so much more, and I am convinced that cinema can make a significant contribution to change,” said Kashala. “I want to make films that deal with the problematic issues that plague our societies, but which could also mean something to others. My greatest wish for this film would be first to immortalize our hero, to share his story with the world and especially with the Congolese.”

Congo Rising and Bimpa are also on a mission to rebuild the dormant Congo film industry. To this end, they have purchased state-of-the-art film equipment and acquired land to set up a film studio and university. There are plans to bring U.S. filmmakers to the Congo to teach film students, including speciality training in sound, animation and lighting.


Film Projects meet Educational Projects in Lodja

These are images of Lumumba's home province, where we have been working since 2018. Members of Bimpa Production have already filmed in the poorest villages and know how to do it well.

Lodja landscape 1.jpg
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The need in schools and film studios is the same: RELIABLE POWER

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Re-establishing pre-med studies in Lodja

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Health Clinic

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Lectures and evaluation using film

150 students lost their pre-med program in 2021, when the government cancelled programs without certified faculty and working laboratories/clinics

The clinic which will allow the return of medical studies

In the 21st centurn, much of education can go online and be supplemented by film.

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tshoper head shot preferred.jpg

Tshoper Kabambi

President of Bimpa Production
Creative Content manager for Congo Rising


Deborah Basa

Producer and Filmmaker


Ephraim Buyikana

Producer, Head of FICKIN Film Festival

kadhaffi 2.jpg

Kadhaffi Mbuyamba


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paradis mananga.jpg

Paradis Mananga

Consultant, producer for Lumumba project

alphonse tolengo.png

Alphonse Tolenga

Native of Onalua and a cousin of Lumumba's. Consultant

Veron Blaise On'Okundji

Priest, poet, playwright, and professor, Abbe Veron is an expert in Tetela.


Bruce and Margaret Young


bruce and margaret at premiere of hoa 2.
alex banza translator.jpg

Alex Banza, Translator

Lodja university 2.jpg

Store coming in August 2022